For Recommenders

The work of faculty who serve as role models, mentors, and supporters of MU’s pre-professional students truly has a profound impact on the success of our students. The relationships that you develop with students and the time that you spend writing meaningful letters of recommendation is, indeed, a tremendous commitment. Your generosity with your time, knowledge, and resources touches their lives every day.

Writing Letters of Evaluation for Pre-Health Students

Writing letters of evaluation for professional school programs is a time-consuming but important task. As you probably know, the admissions process is extremely competitive. Even students who have strong grades and standardized test scores need excellent and convincing letters of recommendation in order to help them gain admission. This evaluation will supplement the student’s academic record and assist admissions committees in making difficult choices regarding the selection of the most capable student for their programs. Your thorough and candid evaluation of this student will be greatly appreciated.

Provided that the student has waived access to your evaluation, this letter will be held in strict confidence and used only in the student’s application to the professional program listed above.

As the application process is on a rolling admissions basis, submitting your letter to the MedOpp Advising Office in time allows for a timely interview and submission of a student’s Committee Letter or Letter Packet. Health Professions Committee Interviews begin in May for candidates who have complete files.

Instructions on Submitting Letter of Evaluation to the MedOpp Advising Office

  • Please address your letter to: “Dear Members of the Admission Committee.”
  • All letters must be submitted on letterhead, dated, and signed.
  • Applicants must enter the name and contact information of the individuals they wish to submit letter of evaluation on the online Committee Interview/Letter Packet application. Applicants must submit their application for the system to send a link to chosen evaluators. Each evaluator will receive an email to submit the letter of evaluation.