Application Support Program (ASP)

The MedOpp Application Support Program (ASP) – formerly known as the Medical and Dental Application Program (MDAP) – provides comprehensive support for students in the process of applying to health professions schools. Our application program is open to current students and recent graduates applying health professions schools, and it features a series of detailed informational seminars on writing a personal statement, interviewing, and filling out standardized application systems.

Medical and dental applicants who attend ASP Programming and meet certain requirements may be eligible to participate in the Committee Interview process, which results in a Committee Letter from the MedOpp Health Professions Committee, a group of faculty and staff with a range of interdisciplinary expertise.

Programming for the 2023-2024 academic year begins on Friday, August 25, 2023; consult the MedOpp Canvas Page or the MedOpp Newsletter for more information.

ASP Programming
  • August: Application Year Orientation
    • This presentation provides a structured overview of the application year. It will introduce a timeline of things for students to consider as they approach the application cycle, including how and when to request letters of recommendation, when to attend required workshops and one-on-one consultations with their MedOpp advisors, and how to become eligible for a committee interview.
  • August through November: Self-Assessment/CV Review
    • The self-assessment and CV review is an individual consultation with your MedOpp Advisor, during which we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your candidacy. The CV review process will give us the opportunity to see what parts of your candidacy you may consider working on leading into the application cycle.
  • December: Committee Interview Application Workshop
    • This workshop provides an overview of the committee interview eligibility process and how to apply.
  • February: Personal Statement Workshop
    • One of the central pieces of a health professional school application is the personal statement. Sometimes considered one’s “first interview,” the personal statement will help elucidate your big “why” for wanting to pursue a career in healthcare. This workshop will offer some considerations as you begin crafting your personal statement.
  • February through March: Personal Statement Review
    • During the Personal Statement Workshop, you’ll arrange a one-on-one consultation with your MedOpp advisor to discuss your personal statement. This meeting’s goal is to strengthen your statement to make sure that your “why” is clear, focused, and detailed.
  • March: Centralized Application Service (CAS) Workshop
    • Your primary application to health professional programs will require significant time and attention to detail. This workshop is intended to demystify the process and offer insight into various annual CAS updates.
  • April: Interview Workshop
    • This workshop offers insight on how to nail both your committee interview and an admissions interview.
How do I get involved?

Whether you are now just beginning to explore health professions or you have already completed the exploring step and know where you are going, it is important for you to contact the MedOpp Advising Office to gain access to our resources. Please self-enroll in the MedOpp Advising Canvas site using this link.

Orientation for the Application Support Program (ASP) happens the Friday before classes start in the Fall semester. If you miss the orientation, please view the “Application Year Orientation” presentation on the MedOpp Canvas site to begin.

The MedOpp Newsletter broadcasts all of the programming for ASP – if you are not already on the listserv, contact to be added!

I am applying to optometry/podiatry/PA/other health professions school. Can I take part in ASP?

Yes! We do not conduct Committee Interviews or write Committee Letters for those programs, but all allied health professions are welcome to take part in the workshops. If you’re within our advising caseload (optometry, podiatry, PA) come in for an individualized application assessment and personal statement consultation, too!