Prospective Student FAQs

What major do I need to be to be? Is there a pre-health major at Mizzou?

There is no single pre-med major at MU; you can choose among the programs for a major that best fits your interests! Throughout your academic career, you will work with your major advisor to select courses to meet your degree requirements and us at the MedOpp Advising Office to keep on track with the pre-requisite courses that you will need to apply for your health professional school.

What factors affect admission into health professional schools?

Medical and other health profession schools’ selections are based upon several factors, including your knowledge of and involvement in the health profession, your GPA and standardized test scores, your commitment to service and leadership, and your history of research.

Can I study abroad if I want to go to a health professional school?

Yes! Students interested in studying abroad to meet with their academic advisor early in their career to make plans for that opportunity. However, it is not recommended for students to take any of their pre-health coursework abroad.

Can I use my Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate credit at MU?

MU gives credit for several AP/IB exams. Please note, though, that not every health professional school will accept AP/IB credit. They will want to see you take additional coursework in that subject area. Your MedOpp advisor can talk with you in more detail about this.

How can I meet with a MedOpp advisor?

Please contact the Admissions Office to schedule your campus visit, and mention that you would like to meet with us while you are here. We would love to talk to you!